The Dinghuis is a charming restaurant located in the most beautiful location of Deurne, at the square of the Grand Castle. The restaurant is situated in a peaceful environment and is decorated in a homely way, so you can enjoy an excellent meal at your leisure. We have comfortable chairs, so you can dine at length and in comfort.

There is a nice area in the front of the restaurant to enjoy an aperitif or to have a drink after your meal. You can sit comfortably on our sofas or in the armchairs by the fireplace. It's also fun to have a drink at one of our high tables. The large wine cabinet completes this space. With a wide selection of wines, we always have something to complement your evening.

In the middle of the restaurant is the beautiful bar, followed by an open kitchen. The chef prepares the most delicious dishes there. If you want to experience this up close, we recommend the Chef's Table; the large table near the kitchen.

You also have the option to enjoy different dishes together. It's possible to share the dishes. They are served in the middle of the table. This way, you can enjoy several dishes per course.