Wijnkast met meer dan 60 verschillende wijnen!

Drinks and Wines

There is an extensive selection of beverages available, including many popular soft drinks and tasty beers, always with five types on tap. We also offer a rich assortment of spirits, including several types of cognac, gin, and whiskey.

In the center of the restaurant, there is a beautiful wine cabinet with various exquisite wines. These wines can be ordered by the bottle. In addition to a nice collection of white and red wines, we also have rosé wines and champagnes. We keep the wines at the right temperature so that you can fully enjoy them.

The wine cabinet is filled with wines from the Wijnhuis in Deurne. The prices are the same as the retail prices, with the only difference being a corkage fee. This is a fee of €17.50 for serving the wine and using the glasses. This allows us to keep the prices low and offer quality wines at a fair price.

If you are looking for a specific wine, please inquire beforehand, and we will do our best to ensure that you can enjoy that wine on your evening with us, if possible.